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“OverCriminalized” explores alternatives to mass incarceration

OverCriminalized profiles three promising interventions that are less expensive than mass incarceration and that may actually change the course of people’s lives. This documentary will be shown as part of the Second Saturday Documentary Series at Niles Discovery Church, 36600 … Continue reading

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Special Offerings – October: Reconciliation and Neighbors In Need

The October special offering will be split between the United Church of Christ’s “Neighbors In Need” all-church offering and the Disciples of Christ’s “Reconciliation” all-church offering. Both of these offerings are justice oriented. One-third of Neighbors In Need offerings support … Continue reading

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Church Day returns

The Northern California Nevada Conference UCC is hosting Church Day, Saturday, October 24, at Congregational Church of San Mateo, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Church Day is a gathering for lay members and ministers in churches of all shapes and … Continue reading

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Cap recycling program ends

For a few years, Niles Discovery Church participated with GreenKidsNow, Inc. in an effort to recycle plastic caps. GreenKidsNow has ended the program because of a lack of participation throughout the Tri-Cities. Right now, there are two courses of action … Continue reading

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Men’s Retreat focuses on “The Boy Crisis”

Many concerned educators and media pundits have decried the “boy crisis”” in schools – the fact that girls are surpassing boys in college attendance (about 60% of entering first-year students this year are female), achievement (girls have caught up in … Continue reading

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Borchardts to move east

With sadness I announce my departure from Niles Discovery Church. Michelle and I have decided to move to Madison, Wisconsin, for the next phase of our lives. We are looking forward to the joy of being near our families. While … Continue reading

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Jeff’s Jottings – October 2015

                liminal – of or relating to a transition or initial stage of a process The past two years have felt like liminal time to me. We, as a community, have been focused transition. In our case, the focus has … Continue reading

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