Ministry Opportunities

Maybe one of these ministry opportunities matches up with you passions and gift. If so, please contact the person listed. Check this page often as new ministry opportunities are added whenever they are identified.

Curriculum writer: Someone has to write the curriculum our Sunday School teachers use. Maybe you could write some. The Ministry of Christian Education Team purchased the book Meet Me at the Well: The Girls and Women of the Bible, by Jane Yolen and Barbara Diamond, a book that is a rich source for good discussion in worship. If you would like to try your hand at creating a curriculum for this book, please talk with Beth Armstrong.

Photo Directory Editor:  This job involves recruiting photographers to take pictures of people for a new photo directory and promoting and coordinating times for photos to be taken. Once the phone are gathered (electronically), the Photo Directory Editor will work with the Office Administrator to get them uploaded to the membership database and getting the photo directory printed. Contact Jim Thomas if you’d like to do this job.

Social Media Ministry: If you enjoy using Facebook and Twitter, you can help boost our congregation’s web presence. Currently, Pastor Jeff does all our church’s social media and he’d love to hand that job off to someone (or a couple someones who will coordinate the work). Pastor Jeff can teach you some of the finer points and provide plenty of resources to help you with this job. Just let him know if you would like to help.

News Blogger: If you have any experience with blogging, this is really a simple task. It’s just takes a little time every month to take newsletter articles and post them on our news blog page on this website. Let Pastor Jeff know if you would like to learn more about this volunteer job.

Connectors: Currently, Pastor Brenda is doing almost all the follow-up with people who worship with us for the first time, helping them connect with the church more deeply. She would love to share this work with others. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, contact her.

Postering Crew: The idea is to have a small group of people who each has a handful of neighborhood shops and bulletin boards where they will put up flyers for events at Niles Discovery Church as they become available. Contact Pastor Jeff if you would like to be on this Crew.

Bulletin Production: Each week, the announcement folders, and the large-print, regular print, and choir orders of worship need to be put together. This typically happens in the late morning on Wednesdays. If you would like to be one of the people who our Office Administrator calls on to do this, please  contact her (Sandra).

Ushering:  We need four ushers on any given Sunday for the worship service – preparing the worship space, greeting worshipers, handing out bulletins, receiving the offerings, tidying up the worship space – so if you would like to help out, please contact Mark Twist for job details and to get into the rotation.

Communion Servers:  Help extend the welcome to God’s table of grace by helping serve communion – passing the bread and cup when communion is served to the congregation in their chairs or by holding the bread or cup when communion is served by intinction.  If you’d like to help out in this ministry or just to learn more about what it entails, contact Val Parker (

Ministry Team and Committee Membership: There are six Standing Ministry Teams that coordinate the essential work of the church (Spiritual Life, Christian Education, Property, Evangelism, Hospitality and Fellowship, and Social Concerns). There are also a number of committees and Special Ministry Teams (Liturgical Arts and the Green Team). Contact the chair/coordinator of the Team/Committee you’re interested in serving with for more information.

Association/Conference Delegate: Represent and connect the congregation with the wider United Church of Christ at Association and Conference meetings. A job description exists; limited to church members. Contact Pastor Jeff or Pastor Brenda if you’re interested.

Region/General Assembly Delegate: Represent and connect the congregation with the wider Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) at Region and the biennial National meeting. A job description exists; limited to church members. Contact Pastor Jeff or Pastor Brenda if you’re interested.

The following are ministry opportunities connected to the Second Saturday Documentary Series. The contact for all of these is Pastor Jeff.

Press Release Writer: We need someone to write the press releases for each of our movies. Pastor Jeff is happy to teach you how to write a press release. Because movies are scheduled well in advance, the press releases can be written in advance, with each one needed six weeks prior to that movie’s screening. If you would like to learn more or to volunteer, speak to Pastor Jeff.

Projectionists: These people are responsible for setting up, running, and turning off the AV system on screening days .

Hosts: These people set up the sign-in table, welcome the audience, promote the next month’s film, handle donations, and introduce the discussion leaders.

Mailing List: This person is responsible for adding new names and email addresses to the mailing list, a task performed in the week following the screening.
FILLED! If you would like to be Leonard Lloyd’s back-up for this ministry, please speak to him.

Producer: These people work with Pastor Jeff and a representative from the San Jose Peace & Justice Center to select movies and secure screening rights.