Thanks to All Sata Elves

By Beth Armstrong

You made the kids’ activities part of the Toy Party a big success. A big thanks to all of you! I really have no count of how many children came through our doors, but I would guess around 150 or 200? Next year maybe someone will need to stand at the door with a counter.

Thanks to:

  • ¨ Santa helpers: Sybil, Amy, and Iris
  • ¨ Popcorn poppers: Marilyn, Bob, Melissa, Bill, Julie, Ceci  A big thanks to Melissa for taking charge of the popcorn and kitchen!
  • ¨ Face painters: Alison, Gracie and Maddi (also a great mopper)
  • ¨ Check in and outters: Barbara PK, Riki, Diane, Barbara K and Christina
  • ¨ Runners: Bob, Ingert, Marilyn, Maddie, Aiden and Beth R
  • ¨ Craft table workers: Maria, B., Kristina, Laura, Tarrah, Amalira, Addie, Arin, Brooke, Blake, Mr. Westendorf (sorry I can’t remember your first name), Denise, Corina, Charlize, Scarlet, and Susie
  • ¨ General helper and chair placer: Jakob
  • ¨ Special thanks to kid engagement specialist: Brooke

Also thanks to MoPs members John, Mark, and Bill for coordinating with TCV so the event could be here.

Thanks again!

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