Starry Advent and Epiphany Nights Adorn Sanctuary

The “Starry Advent and Epiphany Nights” series of quilts are mostly purple, blue, black, and white fabric representing the starry nights that covered Mary and Joseph as they traveled from Nazareth to Bethlehem to Egypt. Purple and blue are the liturgical colors for Advent and Epiphany. They represent the royalty of the holy family. The imagery at the bottom of the quilts are meant to suggest the desert dunes, hills, oases, towns and pyramids seen by the Holy Family, shepherds and three kings along the journey.

This is not the actual quilt.

These quilts are reversable. On the back is the “Rainbow Pathways” series for Ordinary Time. These fabrics are intended to represent blue sky above, flowers creating a rainbow, a dirt path or boardwalk, and water below. This series is intended to symbolize our spiritual journeys, earth, and LGBTQ+ justice, and any seasons when flowers bloom. These quilts are original designs created by Alta Jo Adamson, Marilyn Singer, Cindy Sojourner, Sandy Thomas, Riki Twist, and Carrie Williams. The quilting was done by Sandy Thomas. 

The Liturgical Art Special Ministry Team works closely with the Ministry of Spiritual Life and Ministry of Property and includes a number of members who enjoy the work of creating, caring for, installing, and occasionally constructing ways to display the decorative arts that add so much to all of the events in our church. To join the team, contact Joy Barnitz at

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