Where Art Abides

As you can see from the photo, the mosaic tiles have been installed in the concrete relief below the bell.  This was a special location we had selected in our remodeling plan, in conjunction with the portable baptistry. Artist Denise Hart completed the installation of the original mosaic in the patio at the east end of the church building during the first half of August. Designed specifically for Niles Discovery Church, the mosaic evokes ripples of water, reminding us of our baptisms, and spirals out into the world, reminding us that discipleship calls us into the world. This theme of water and sightings of rainbow colors dispersed about the work gives a sense of movement and a pathway. Perhaps you will have your own interpretation as you gaze at it! Special recognition should be given to our construction foreman, Vince Pilotti for his skill in creating the helix relief in the concrete, as well as the design contributions from Joy Barnitz, Alta Jo Adamson, Cindy Soujourner, Pastor Brenda Loreman, and Mark Twist.

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