Thanks for Making Work a Party

The Ministry of Property (MOP) would like to thank those fantastic church members that came out to Party with the MOP’s.

Hopefully I have not missed anyone but, please, when you see the folks listed below give them a hearty handshake and/or a pat on the back. They are champions all.

Beth Rasler, Ken Rasler, Jo Szeto, B. Newell, Lynn Miller, Iris Nicholson, Marilyn Singer, John Zlatnik, Mark Twist, Diane Harvey, John Smith, Bill Palleschi.  A special shout out to John Smith who provided donuts, really great donuts and spectacular donut holes.

A lot of tasks were completed. They include:

  • Brushing the spider webs at the entrances
  • Sweeping out the crushed rock from the spiral helix beneath the bell for the mosaic tile installation
  • Picking up the trimmed berry branches and pruning any others that are in our pathway along the railroad track by the big ladder and pulling any weeds in that area
  • Picking up paper or trash along Niles Blvd. and squirrel hill
  • Clearing up cobwebs; inside and out
  • Wiping inside windowsills
  • Removing five olive trees and one redbud
  • Plugging drip lines where olive tree was (west side)
  • Trimming the Memorial Garden
  • Taming the Raspberry vine
  • Repairing/replacing the roller on dish washer
  • Changing the Arlo battery in the office
  • Repairing the opaque shade motor in the sanctuary
  • Cleaning/changing the filters on projectors
  • Repairing/replacing spotlight in the sanctuary
  • Replacing burnt out hallway lights near bathroom (used 10w LEDs vs 26w)
  • Gathering palm fronds for Monica, a Niles neighbor
  • Power washing west entrance
  • Having coffee, donuts, bagels and some fellowship

Tasks still to be completed:

  • Clean windows with Windex power washer (2 person crew) to be scheduled
  • Rearrange storage room after flea market (stuff to be thrown out, too)
  • Prune, trim, manicure, and coif overgrown planted area; needs an owner who can prune and weed
  • Repair east entrance lights (2 by door not coming on; patio is okay)
  • We also have an unwanted visitor that ate half of the roots of the redbud tree by the office.  So, we are reluctant to plant another tree before the tunneling fiend moves on. If you are looking for a pet or are an insectivore whisperer, please see what you can do to remove the pain in the roots.

If you see something at church that needs cleaning or adjusting or on this list and you would like to take on, please let us know.  We will update you as to when the next MOP’s Party will transpire.


Bill Palleschi, Ministry of Property

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! We are professionals 🙂
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1 Response to Thanks for Making Work a Party

  1. BEENEWELL says:

    Baseboards in offices, school rooms and hallways cleaned–done!.

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