The Best Junk In Town!

It is that time of the year when we gear up for our big fund-raising event – The Flea Market! Last year our church netted $9,000 for the month of August.

Sunday, August 25, is the date for the 55th Annual Niles Antique Faire and Flea Market. On that day, Downtown Niles is closed to traffic. Antique and food booths are set up, and hordes of people descend on Niles. We even sell parking spaces in our lot.

We also have a big Flea Market right here in our Fellowship Hall at the same time. To prepare, our congregation and friends clean out closets, garages, and storage places, in order to donate used but good items to the church. These wonderful treasures are priced, displayed, and sold during the month of August.

As soon as donations are received, we will begin pricing, displaying, and selling, even though the big Flea Market sale dates aren’t until August 24 and 25. We rely on your donations arriving EARLY so that members of the church can shop and buy. Our doors opened for your precious donations on Wednesday, July 24. This year it is especially important to bring things early because we have a shorter selling time than usual. The flea market team appreciates your donations. However, please be sure your donation is clean, usable, and not torn, stained, broken, chipped, dirty, or unpolished. You may bring things to church on Sundays, weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., whenever office staff is in the church, or call Alta Jo Adamson, (510) 713-1333, and she will arrange to open the church.

Would you like to help unpack and price merchandise? Can you haul items to the church? We need volunteers every day in August, to help us make this a blessed event. On weekdays, volunteers are needed to hang around and sell, sell, sell. If you are interested in helping, please contact Carrie Williams ( or Jim Thomas (

When it is time for the official Flea Market weekend, we will be staffed by church volunteers in two-hour increments throughout the day. These hours are especially important to fill. Generally speaking, everyone rolls up their sleeves, pitches in, and it is loads of fun!

Donation Suggestions: Tools, Books, Children’s Toys, Games (with all the pieces), Children’s Furniture, Jewelry, Hats, Purses, Shoes, Musical Instruments, China and Glassware, Antiques, Collectables, Knickknacks, Holiday Decorations, Linens and Blankets, Working Small Appliances, Patio Accessories, Office Supplies, Trunks,  Chairs, Desks, Other Small Furniture, Exercise Equipment, and Sporting Goods.

Merchandise Restrictions: No Sofas and other large, heavy furniture (without prior permission); No drapes or drapery rods; No sinks and toilets; No old microwaves, TVs, or obsolete electronics; No heavy, old sports equipment; No clothing; No broken or obsolete tools; No old travel books or obsolete manuals.

Considerations for Book Donations: Novels of mystery, romance, history, adventure, family, science fiction and so much more; Nonfiction of all types; Children’s books in good condition; Both hardcover and paperback books.

PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Pamphlets; any instructions for using technology, especially for computers; comics or coloring books; and torn, worn, or stained books.

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