Jeff’s Jottings

Most months I try to write a column on one theme. This month, you get a hodgepodge of thoughts, making this column truly live up to its name, “Jeff’s Jottings.”

My Travels

By the time you read this, I will have returned from the Disciples of Christ’s General Assembly. I’m writing this before I leave because of press deadlines. I’ll have a round up of both the General Assembly and the United Church of Christ’s General Synod, which I attended in June, in this space in the September edition of The Bell. Also, for the record, I’ll be taking three weeks of vacation this month.

August’s Documentary

I am proud of our Second Saturday Documentary Series. Each movie we screen brings an important issue of our shared life to light. Sometimes we select a film with a strong spiritual dimension. This is true of this month’s film, Risking Light, a film about the transformational power of forgiveness. I urge you to attend the screening on August 10, 1:30 p.m., in the sanctuary. You can read more about the film at

Upcoming Worship Services

August 11 is “Mobile Pantry Sunday.” There are several things I’d like you to bring with you that day:

  • First, please bring an open mind. The order of worship will be different from what your used to.
  • Second, please bring any school supplies you’re donating to the August Special offering ( Children and teachers in our congregation are encouraged to bring their personal school supplies, too.
  • Third, please bring some non-perishable food for the Tri-City Volunteers food bank.

Hold on to all these things as worship begins. We’ll bring the school supplies and food forward at different times during the service.

The worship service on August 25 will be very simple, since most of you will be working on the Flea Market.

In September, we will be marking a Season of Creation. See to learn about how your photography can be part of our worship during those weeks.

Housing Navigation Center

It now seems pretty certain that the City of Fremont’s new Housing Navigation Center won’t be on our property. The City is now considering two properties and opposition to both is being organized. The people whose lives can be changed by a Housing Navigation Center need us to speak up. One way you can help do this is by signing this petition ( endorsed by the Cabinet.

We have learned that Housing Navigation Centers are effective programs for moving people from homelessness to stable housing. This is especially true when the program participants have more than 30 days in the program (the situation with many of the beds in San Francisco’s Navigation Centers). Having up to six months in the program with an additional six months of supportive services after being housed is a formula proving to have impressive results. And a formula that saves the tax payers lots of money.

Flea Market

The Flea Market is our annual, all-hands-on-deck fundraiser. Your help is needed to make it successful. Here’s how you can help:

  • Donate your no-longer-needed treasures. Bring them on Sundays or on other days when people are in the building. Look for the designated donation drop-off spot in the fellowship hall. Do not leave donations outside.
  • Sign up to help price, display and sell items in the weeks leading up to the big weekend. The sign-up sheet in on the window in the fellowship hall next to the hallway door nearest the kitchen. Marilyn Singer will make sure you have a way to get in if you don’t have a key.
  • Sign up to work the big weekend. All of Niles will turn into a giant garage sale the weekend of August 24-25. We need as many people as possible working that weekend. Watch for your opportunity to sign up.

See for more information about the Flea Market.

Pastor Jeff

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