August Special Offering

For many kids who come from families struggling with poverty, getting a new backpack and school supplies is a luxury beyond their reach. However, these tools can make all the difference in the world to their future success. How can a child be expected to excel in the classroom without the basic tools to learn? Studies show that when kids have new supplies of their own, their grades, classroom behavior, and engagement all improve. Their self-esteem increases. And, most importantly, their attitude towards school and learning improves.

In 2018 the United Church of Christ adopted the following Mission statement: “United in God’s spirit and inspired by God’s grace, we can love all, and seek justice for all: for the children, for our neighbors and for creation.”

It’s time to put God’s love to work by sharing. Please help us give students the start they need to the school year with a new backpack and supplies. The Ministry for Christian Education has been collecting backpacks and school supplies since the beginning of July to donate to the Fremont Family Resource Center, which serves the Tri-City area. They will continue to receive those donations until August 11.

We will be officially receiving cash donations for this effort on Sunday, August 11. As with all our special offerings, you are welcome to give at any time (always make checks payable to Niles Discovery Church.) You can also give online: go to our church webpage at and click the “donate” button at the top of the page.

Niles Discovery Church receives a special offering each month. With so many possibilities for special giving, you may need to choose which ones are most important to you. You can see the complete schedule of offerings at

Bring in your personal school supplies for blessing

For many years, we have had a special offering of school supplies; we have prayed over them, asking God to bless the supplies, the children who will use them, and their teachers. But we have left our own kids and teachers out of the blessing. That is going to change this year.

On August 11, we will bless the collected school supplies for distribution by the Family Resource Center. Kids and teachers in our congregation are welcome to bring their personal school supplies, too, to be blessed.

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