An invitation from the Ministry of Property Team

The Ministry of Property Team invites YOU to a WORK PARTY!
July 27 starting at 8:30 a.m.

We have stored up enough activities to meet the needs and desires of everyone in the congregation.

  • We have cobwebs to clear; we have windows to cleaned; we have window sills to be wiped.
  • We have a storage room to be rearranged. (Stuff to be thrown out, too.)
  • We have an overgrown planted area that begs to be pruned, trimmed, manicured, coiffed. (I have been personally banned from this activity as pollarding is not an option.)
  • We have olive trees to be removed; we have plants in the Memorial Garden that need trimming; we have a raspberry vine that need taming. (Got Kevlar gloves?)
  • We have entry ways that need washing and a 3100 psi washer for you to use. (Recommend but not required you have your last will and testament finished.)
  • We will have coffee, juice, donuts, possible donut holes, and maybe bagels.

Put this event at 8:30 a.m. (or whenever you can get here that morning) on your July 27 wall calendar, Google Calendar, and iPhone calendar. Bring gloves, pruning tools, cutting tools; no dynamite please.

And don’t forget:  your chances of scoring a donut hole is proportional to how early you arrive (before me).

Bill P.
for the Ministry of Property Team

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1 Response to An invitation from the Ministry of Property Team

  1. BEENEWELL says:

    Will be there.

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