All About M.E.

Let’s Talk Church

“There is no such thing as bad publicity” ~ P.T. Barnum, 1915.

That may be true if I am running a circus, but since Exxon is still trying to recover from the publicity it got over the Valdez oil spill back in 1989, I think I want to think carefully about what publicity I give the church.

I want to publicize my church—but without sounding like I am trying to convert people. I will be asking of the Ministry of Evangelism (M.E.) Team how we all can do this as I move into leading this Ministry Team this month.

I will be asking M.E. Team to work with the Ministry of Social Concerns and their Special Ministry Teams to gather information about all the service and justice work we do as a Church. I will use this information combined with a list of ministry partners (from the Pathways to Beloved Community project) to prepare handouts so all of us can better understand how our church is involved in the wider community. This information will be reported in The Bell and placed on the information table in the fellowship hall. There will be a lot of information, and I won’t try to memorize it all. Instead, I will pick out a couple items that hold a special place in my heart and keep them in mind awaiting the time to bring them up in casual conversation.

The idea here is to let people know that I not only attend church, but that I am proud of the specific ministry I bring up without actually engaging in a conversation about church or religion. By keeping it casual, I open the doors for people to ask questions, should what I say resonate with them. For example, in a conversation about food and the hungry, I could easily drop in the phrase, “Yeah, my church manages a mobile food van that brings food to many who are home-bound.” And that’s it. In doing so, I am letting people know that I am involved with our community, and those who are looking for a place with pro-active ministries such as this, are likely to take notice. I have no need to expand any more on it, I just release it out to the universe and let it find its own way into the hearts of others.

That’s all about M.E. (for now). How about we make it all about YOU? Let’s talk church!

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