Moderated Musings

Jim Thomas

By Jim Thomas

Preparing for a new Ministry

I want to thank all those who reached out to me and those who spoke out at the last couple of Town Hall Meetings, regarding the Temporary Emergency Homeless Shelter project we are considering. Many concerns and expectations have been expressed, and it has become obvious that to move forward with this project will be a complex venture.

With that said, should the congregation approve moving forward with this project, a committee will be formed and tasked with negotiating an agreement with the city and the service provider that addresses the concerns voiced by the congregation and minimizes the liability to the church. A core group of people have been identified to serve on this committee. A wish list of points that need to be included with this agreement have already been established. These points include (but are not limited to) improved lighting in our parking lot; a market-value lease payment for the use of the property; annual review and adjustments to the agreement; designated point-persons for working out issues that may arise during the course of this project; a net increase in parking spaces. The committee will always be open to congregational input. For those who wish to send their thoughts, recommendations, or concerns directly to this committee, they can email them at

In an effort to maintain full transparency, I have set up a forum on our website so that everyone can follow the progress of the committee. People can provide feedback and recommendations here during this process as well. I will be updating this forum as new information is provided. The forum is located at:

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2 Responses to Moderated Musings

  1. B. Newell says:

    Well done and thank you.

  2. B. Newell says:

    Thank you and well done.

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