Moderated Musings – January 2019

by Jim Thomas

Happy New Year! The new year always reminds me of my Y2K New Year’s party I threw on December 31, 1999. I remember having to go to the store to buy more food for the party. It was early afternoon, but when I got there, several shelves were picked clean. They had a run on items like water and canned goods, because some people were preparing for the end of civilization as we know it. Most of what I needed were perishables, so they were left untouched.

Jim Thomas

As crazy as all that was, I understand how scary it can feel during times of uncertainty. I knew a few people who believed that electronics would stop working, planes would fall out of the sky, cars would fail – and if I tried to tell them that their fears were unfounded, I was told I was being foolish for not preparing for even the possibility of disaster.

I also knew people who took advantage of this fear. There was a tech supply store that had had purchased containers and filled them with blankets, MREs, flash lights, first aid kits, etc. They priced it with a nice profit padding, and they had no problem selling them. Actually, these kits are useful for any disaster. I have a similar kit I made myself, called a go bag, that I keep in my truck.

There are other situations where I have seen people go off the rails, and for the most part, like Y2K, in the end it turns out it was all for naught. The common thread I see in these fears is the lack of information (or the preponderance of mis-information). I expect there will be more to come.

So, let us make a resolution to not go crazy when things get scary. Well, it’s okay to go a little crazy, because scary is scary, but we have a great community and if we find ourselves in the midst of uncertainty, know that our community will have our backs.

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1 Response to Moderated Musings – January 2019

  1. Beth Newell says:

    I remember this, too, and laughed at all the hype.  Everyday at midnight is the end of the world as we knew  it the day before.B.

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