Membership sermon series coming in January/February

Starting January 13, our pastors will be preaching a seven-part sermon series on church membership.

“This series grew out of a question about our bylaws,” Pastor Jeff explained. “They bylaws say that united with the church as a member is a reaffirmation of baptism. Some have questioned whether or not that is still an appropriate understanding and requirement of membership in our congregation at this time in our world’s history.”

“We hope this series will help our congregation move toward a consensus on this overarching question: What should be the requirements for membership and what should be our expectations of members?” Pastor Jeff said.

“Brain storming about the series and reading some reflections from members of our church, Pastor Jeff and came up with somewhere around 20 questions we think worthy of consideration,” Pastor Brenda said. “Hopefully we will at least touch on them during the series.”

According to Pastor Jeff, “The series will look at church history, evolving traditions, scripture, and personal experience as we think through these questions.”

Pastor Jeff said that as of the press deadline for this edition of The Bell, some of the sermons will include some interaction from the congregation. He also said that Town Hall Meetings are planned to follow the worship services on the Sundays of the last two sermons in the series, February 17 and 24. He said he was working to secure childcare for those meetings.

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