Homelessness Study Group has several projects simmering

Like a chef keeping many pots on a low simmer, the Homelessness Study Group (HSG) is working on several projects

Volunteering for the City’s Warming Center
The city of Fremont has set up a Winter Shelter/Warming center and is asking for volunteers to help prepare and serve food. There are two shifts daily that need help. The HSG met on December 16 to coordinate participation from Niles Discovery Church.

Hosting the City’s Mobile Hygiene Unit
Fremont acquired the Mobile Hygiene Unit and established five locations where it will come, on a round-robin basis, to serve people who are unhoused. Niles Discovery Church is one of those locations. The service is scheduled to begin as soon as the logistics are worked out. John Smith and Jim Thomas are meeting with Arquimides Caldera of the Fremont Human Services Department to work out the scheduling of the Unit.

Niles Discovery Church kitchen commercial upgrade
HSG has asked for an inspection of our kitchen by the City of Fremont to determine what we can be approved for, regarding its use in feeding the homeless. We plan to reach out to the County Health Services Department to get an inspection to find out what we need to do to get a Commercial Kitchen permit. HSG is also looking at applying for a Community Development Block Grant to fund upgrades to the kitchen.

Making hygiene kits
Hygiene kits are being assembled on an ongoing basis, as the HSG receives items on the Hygiene Kit list (found on the information table in the Fellowship Hall). Please bring items to Tarrah Henrie or Jim Thomas. Kits are primarily donated to people who are homeless via Abode Services, and are also available for those in need as we encounter them.

Even with all of these projects, the HSG has not spent any money to date. If you would like to participate with the HSG, please contact Tarrah Henrie or Jim Thomas.

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