Evangelism? Really?? In 2018???

by Mark McConville

The Ministry of Evangelism Team is the newest ministry team at Niles Discovery Church. It has the charge of finding ways to spread a progressive, 21st century faith in Jesus outside the walls of our church. Something of a tall order if you think about it.

Our first project is working on “elevator speeches”, one- or two-minute responses or conversation starters to situations we may find ourselves in.

For example, suppose you and an acquaintance overhear someone giving a heavy-handed “come to Jesus or go to hell” diatribe. Your acquaintance says, “I really dislike organized religion. How about you?” How would you respond?

Or suppose you are in a coffee shop, reading the Bible because you are the liturgist next week. Someone at another table says, “Pardon me, but can you tell me why you read that?” How would you respond. Having an elevator speech can be helpful in situations like this.

We’d love you to join us the second Monday of each month to help us wrassle with this and similar issues. The next meeting is November 12 at 7:00 p.m., at the church in Room 1. We need all the help we can get.

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