Jeff’s Jottings – Rise for the Climate

This is going to be the most important moral action in the Bay Area in 2018. Join us.

On September 8, people on every continent will come together to Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice. The lead action will take place in San Francisco on Saturday, September 8, with sibling actions taking place around the globe. Through these actions, we will tell the story of the communities we want and show governments how to follow our lead.

The actions are schedule for this weekend because Governor Jerry Brown is hosting a “Climate Action Summit” September 12-14 in San Francisco and we’re going to help set the agenda and narrative about climate change and the real solutions that are needed. The goal for the march in San Francisco is to create the biggest climate demonstration on the west coast of the Americas ever.

What is specifically planned for September 8 in San Francisco
9:00 a.m. – Interfaith Power and Light is coordinating an interfaith worship service; location TBA
10:00 a.m. – People will begin lining up for the march by constituency
11:00 a.m. – The march will begin (from the Embarcadero to the Civic Center), led by a group of indigenous people

Would you like to help make this a reality? There are several ways you can help.

Help organize the event
If you would like to join me in helping organize faith communities’ participation in the march, email me. I’ll send you information as I get it. (A meeting schedule hasn’t been set yet, but the meetings are in San Francisco.)

Help organize our church
We need a point person (or two) who will keep this action in front of our congregation. Your primary job will be promoting the event and working on getting people to RSVP at This is important to do for two reasons:  (1) RSVPing gets people to make the commitment to be there; and (2) it will help the organizers estimate how many port-a-potties are needed. Let me know if you’re willing to take on this role. Ask them to also RSVP at so they can get up-to-the-minute information about the UCC/DOC contingent.

Pastor Jeff

Host a preparatory art event at our church
Marches like this are always more fun when they are accompanied by art. Create a space at your church where people can make posters and banners to bring with them. Get creative with costumes and giant puppets. Find ways to communicate that your faith leads you to rise for the climate, jobs, and justice. Remember to promote this within and beyond our congregation. (And submit the event at

Respond to some other need in our congregation
There is probably some other need people in our congregation have that will help them participate. Identify it and help us meet it.

This is not the only thing happening that Saturday. We’re also screening Backpack Full of Cash that afternoon, but I’ll be at this event because I believe climate change is the most important moral issue of our day. I hope many of you will choose to join me – and some of you will choose to help organize our congregation’s participation.

Pastor Jeff

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