Flea Market: Donating Books And More

Donation time for the August Flea Market is fast approaching. It’s NOT TOO SOON to start preparing your special items to bring to the church beginning July 23.

Here are some important considerations for any BOOKS you may want to donate:

  • BRING: novels of all genres—mystery, romance, history, adventure, family, science fiction, and more.
  • BRING: nonfiction of all types.
  • BRING: Children’s books in good condition.
  • BRING: both hardcover and paperback books.

DO NOT BRING: pamphlets, any instructions for using technology, especially for computers; comics or coloring books; outdated textbooks; and torn, worn, or stained books.

This is an important fundraiser for the church, and the flea market team appreciates your donations. However, please remember that everything you do to make sure that your donation, whatever it is, is clean and usable, and not torn, stained, broken, chipped, dirty, or unpolished, will give the team more time to focus on selling the items.

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