Moderator’s Musings – June 2018

Jim Thomas

“The Lord likes small things best, especially those done with love.” ~ Mother Teresa

When my wife, Sandy, and I first came to this church on our journey to find a faith community, we knew right away that we found a new home. Everyone was very welcoming. I was unemployed at the time, so I found it easy to step up and help wherever I could as my tithing, and it has been rewarding. When I eventually found work, I had to prioritize my commitments with this church, my family, and the job. I am fortunate that I rarely need to work outside my 9 to 5, Monday-Friday work schedule, as it enables me to continue to serve this community that I dearly love, in the capacity that I prefer.

I am also fortunate that many of you share the same passion, and it is a joy to work with you in this spiritual journey.

I also suspect there are those of you who do not have the time available to serve your community and I am certain you would if you could. So, let me suggest a few little things we all can do in service to our church that can fit nicely into our schedules:

  • Bring a flower or two to Sandy on Sunday. Sandy is very resourceful when it comes to flower arranging, but having more flowers gives her more creative leeway. The Communion Table, the Narthex and Fellowship Hall are wonderfully enhanced with flowers when we have enough to go around.
  • Bring a snack to share during fellowship. Find the sign-up sheet on the pass-through counter in the kitchen to let the Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship know when you plan to bring something.
  • Request your favorite hymn that you would like to sing or have sung in worship. The choir will be on summer break soon, and there are some folk who plan to provide special music during this break. Having a list of requested hymns help the special music performers in their choice of music. Jot your suggestion on the green form or email it to
  • Wear the Niles Discovery Church pin and carry a couple of Niles Discovery Church calling cards. When someone asks about the pin, tell them of the church and hand them a card if they seem interested. The cards are in the Narthex – ask a greeter for a couple. Pins are in the office. A $5 suggested donation is requested

These little things will bring great results!

For those of you who have more time to spare but don’t know where to begin, come talk to me. I am happy to help you find ways where you can easily support our great community.

Jim Thomas

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