Church, Weible initiate 4-way covenant

The Cabinet and the Rev. Timothy Weible initiated the process necessary for recognition of Tim’s current ministry by the United Church of Christ [the UCC]. Tim has long been a pastor in the UCC, serving as a missionary in Japan and as a local church pastor in Hawaii. He currently works as a chaplain in a hospice agency. Many at Niles Discovery Church know him as a bass in the church’s choir.

The Rev. Tim Weible

In both the UCC and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) [the DOC], all clergy recognition begins in the local church. When a pastor serves in a specialized ministry (doing something other than local church ministry), each denomination has a way of recognizing that ministry. In the UCC, that process involves having a “4-way covenant.” The four parties of the covenant are the pastor, the congregation where that pastor is a member, the agency the pastor works with, and the Association where the local church is. (An Association is made up of the congregations and pastors within a geographic area.)

At the April Cabinet meeting, the Rev. Weible and the congregation’s moderator Jim Thomas signed a 4-way covenant. Next, Tim will have a representative of the hospice agency sign the covenant. Then it will go to the Bay Association (the Association that Niles Discovery Church is part of). Once the covenant is approved by the Bay Association, Tim will be installed as a Minister in Covenant at a special worship service.

We look forward to celebrating that special day with Tim, our congregation, Bridge Hospice, and the Bay Association.

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2 Responses to Church, Weible initiate 4-way covenant

  1. Bee Newell says:

    That will be great. He’s a blessing for Niles Discovery Church.

  2. The news about Tim is wonderful! Thanks to all involved, especially Tim!

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