Strategic Plan Update: Time for some new projects

As our program year winds to a close, it’s time to evaluate this year’s progress and look ahead to next year’s potential. All year, we’ve been working on our two big Strategic Plan goals:

  • Goal One:  Start at least two our intergenerational, multicultural, hands-on mission and service each year.
  • Goal Two:  Encourage the faith journeys of all members and visitors by increasing participation in programs by 10% annually.

In the past year, we’ve met Goal One by beginning three projects—the Mobile Food Van, the Habitat for Humanity build in Central Fremont, and Pathways to Beloved Community—and the Ministry Teams have each been working on ways to meet Goal Two. You’ve read about the progress of meeting these goals in the Annual Report that will be published in May, and we’ll celebrate our successes at our Annual Meeting on May 6.

We definitely have achievements to celebrate, but our Strategic Plan work isn’t over yet. Our Plan continues for another year, and it’s time for us to choose at least two new projects to start in the 2018-19 program year.

On March 11, following worship, we’ll have a Town Hall Meeting to talk about our project plans for next year. Our current project champions will give a brief report on the progress they’ve made this year and what they’re planning for the coming year, and then we’ll have time to do some brainstorming for new project ideas to implement.

Do you have a service project that you’re passionate about? Do you have an idea for a new “intergenerational, multicultural, hands-on” project we should start in the coming year? If so, please send your ideas to Pastor Brenda, and plan to share them at the Town Hall Meeting March 11.

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