On the current liturgical art

Titled “God Is Still Speaking In Flowing Waters and The Eyes Have It,” the liturgical art that has been up in the sanctuary since January 14 was designed by Cindy Sojourner to complement the “Patriarchy and Sexualized Violence” sermon series. Created by the Liturgical Art Special Ministry Team, the work is still in process – but more about that in a moment.

The “Flowing Waters” art in the front of the sanctuary represents waters of baptism, justice flowing like a river, and waves of commas for God Is Still Speaking. The United Church of Christ (UCC) uses the comma to say, “Don’t place a period where God has placed a comma, God Is Still Speaking.” The comma says that the Bible isn’t God’s last word, death is not the end, and listen for what God is saying in all creation everyday. This is a Cindy Sojourner design with creative design and technical assistance from Joy Barnitz, Barbara King, Marilyn Singer, and Sandy Thomas. Barbara King, Marilyn Singer, Doug and Nathan Sojourner, and Mark Twist installed this art.

“The Eyes Have It” art on the side walls uses eyes with water flowing through tears to express God’s, individual, and universal sorrow and pain caused by patriarchy’s injustices, including sexualized violence. Individually and collectively pouring out tears and breaking the silence about the pain and injustices of patriarchy can help people transform from victims to survivors, activists and lovers of life capable of creating great beauty, compassion, peace, joy and justice in this world with great strength and wisdom. The #MeToo movement does this. We’ve included some diversity because the damaging effects of patriarchy has no age, race, sexuality, cultural, or economic boundaries. “The Eyes Have It” art is created by Cecilia Church, Denise Church, Carrie King, Scarlet King, Michele McConville, Lynn Miller, Grace Rankin, Cindy Sojourner, Becky Taliaferro Z. Tanner, and Sandra Thomas. In addition to these artists, Joy Barnitz, Barbara King, Karen Moody, Carrie Williams, Grace Rankin, Marilyn Singer, Cindy Sojourner, and Mark Twist assisted in the mounting, framing and installation design.

You are invited to continue the creation of this art. In both the sanctuary and the fellowship hall, paper tears and paper commas are available for you to add reflections that will be added to the art on the side walls. Please use the paper tears to write a statistic, fact, or personal expression of sadness, anger, hurt, etc., caused by patriarchy. Please use the paper commas to write a statistic, fact, or personal expression of healing, triumph, joy, miracle, etc., that has occurred, despite patriarchy’s evil.

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