Town Hall Meeting on Baptism and Membership scheduled

Town Hall Meeting

Should someone have to be baptized to be a member of our church? Our Bylaws currently require baptism, saying that “Uniting with the congregation [as a member] is an act of reaffirmation of baptism.” Should we keep that requirement?

On Sunday, January 14, Pastor Jeff will preach on “Baptism and Membership,” offering some of the history the theology behind this requirement and why this question is being raised now. Following worship that Sunday, there will be a Town Hall Meeting where you can share your thoughts and reflections on the subject. The members of the Cabinet will listen carefully to what people say as they consider a possible recrafting of this requirement.

Also at this meeting, the congregation will spend about 15 minutes going over the proposed Bylaw amendments. Almost all of the proposed amendments correct errors or clarify intent. There are two substantive proposed amendments, one establishing a Nominating Committee, and the other modifying the uses of the Endowment Fund. These amendments will be voted on at the Annual Budget Meeting on Sunday, February 4, following worship.

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  1. Beth Bolton Newell says:

    I suggest that there be a way to submit written remarks other than on the computer. Maybe even allow them to be anonymous,.

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