Where Is the Communion Table?

Alter with Jeff and SandyYou may have noticed that our beautiful communion table is missing, and we’re using a folding table instead. The surface of the new table had developed a flaw, which had gotten progressively worse over the six months we’ve had it. The company who built the table, Bashland Builders, has returned it to their studio in Berkeley to refinish the top.


They have discovered that the surface flaw might be due to the old wood used to make the bowl shape of the table top. The curved portion of the table is made from the wood of the old pews from our old church at 255 H Street, which were salvaged when Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association renovated the space. They will work to find a solution to the problem, and are hopeful that the table will be returned in time for the beginning of Advent on December 3.

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