Strategic Plan Update

Strategic-PlanningOn Monday, October 16, the Cabinet green-lighted our third Strategic Plan Goal One project, the Pathways to Beloved Community project. According to the project plan, Pathways to Beloved Community project “creates, promotes and implements activities that ready our congregation and the wider community to welcome and appreciate differences that come with greater diversity. We provide access to educational trainings and activities that break down barriers based in systemic -isms; intentional social interactions across cultures and generations; and celebrations of cultural differences through the arts. While some of these activities are designed to be multicultural and multi-generational, others are designed to increase our multi-cultural and multi-generational awareness, understanding and appreciation.”  Beloved Community

One of the first activities that the Pathways team is sponsoring is an anti-racism training that will be held here at Niles Discovery Church in February 2018. Watch for further announcements about upcoming activities and programs from this team. 

Tri-City Volunteers Food Van


Also in October, the Mobile Food Van Project team began making food deliveries last month, and is continuing to schedule van drivers and helpers and coordinate deliveries with program partner Tri-City Volunteers (TCV). All current volunteers for the project—as well as interested new volunteers—are encouraged to attend a meeting with the TCV coordinator on Sunday, November 19 after worship .  

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