Strategic Plan Implementation Underway

Strategic-PlanningGoal One:  Start at least two our intergenerational, multicultural, hands-on mission and service each year.

The two projects that we have selected to begin immediately are in the beginning stages of implementation. The Mobile Food Van project, championed by John Zlatnik, has been developing a plan and is recruiting people interested in making a commitment to deliver food to the distribution sites on a monthly basis. If you are interested in participating in this project, be sure to connect with John.

Our other project, the Habitat for Humanity construction project, is in the beginning stages of organization. The project champion, Bill Palleschi, reports that the Habitat folks are not quite ready for our volunteers yet, but they are excited at our level of interest, and eager to incorporate us into the project as soon as they are able. Be sure to check back as this project unfolds, and see Bill if you’d like to volunteer.

Goal Two:  Encourage the faith journeys of all members and visitors by increasing participation in programs by 10% annually.

Meanwhile, the ministry teams have been discussing which programs to focus on for Goal Two, our internal growth goal. As of press time, most of the ministry teams have chosen one or two programs to focus on, and will begin implementing strategies for increasing participation in the months to come.

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