Cabinet Approves Strategic Plan Projects

Strategic-PlanningDuring our worship service on July 18, the congregation heard from the champions of our five Goal One projects, and then attended meetings after worship to learn more information about the five project plans. Although overall worship attendance was smaller than usual, attendance at the meetings after worship was enthusiastic, and each meeting had a healthy number of people attending.

In its meeting on Monday, June 19, the Cabinet carefully considered all the options for moving forward, and decided that two of the projects were more “shovel-ready,” and could begin immediately, while the other three projects—which all had significant backing from the congregation—needed more planning and organizing before moving forward. In other words, we will move forward with all five of the finalist projects, but three will begin later in the program year, when they are more developed. In particular, the Cabinet wants all the projects to specify how they will be hands-on, multigenerational, and multicultural.

The projects we will proceed with immediately are the Mobile Food Van and the Habitat for Humanity housing project in central Fremont. The other three projects—supporting St. James School in Kenya, the Homeless Supplies ministry, and the Anti-Racism/Interfaith project—will be started when the champions and their project teams have more thoroughly fleshed out the project plans.

If you are interested in participating in the planning or executing of these projects, please see the Project Champions: John Zlatnik (Mobile Food Van); Bill Palleschi (Habitat and St. James School); Rich Godfrey (St. James School); Jim Thomas (Homeless Supplies); Joy Barnitz (Anti-Racism/Interfaith).

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