What’s “Spiritual Direction Group A”?

maxpixel.freegreatpicture.com-North-East-Compass-Vintage-Direction-West-South-1405617If you read our church calendar (the second to last page of each edition of The Bell) really carefully, you might have noticed that there’s a group that meets on the third Wednesday of the month called “Spiritual Direction Group A” and you may have wondered what it is. Here’s an attempt to describe it.

As the name implies, it’s a group of people who are doing something spiritual. That “something” includes praying together in silence, paying attention to how God seems to be active or absent from our lives, and talking about our relationship with God as we walk through our lives. It’s not a therapy group, though it is supportive. It’s not a meditation group, though we spend time in contemplation. It’s led by Pastor Jeff most weeks, but sometimes a member of the group leads it.

Arabesque-letter-a-iconIt’s called “Group A” because there is a hope that other small groups of people might want to form such a group. Both Pastor Jeff and Pastor Brenda have training as Spiritual Directors and are both open to helping additional groups form. If you’re interested, speak to either of them.



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1 Response to What’s “Spiritual Direction Group A”?

  1. Beth Newell says:

    Group “A” sounds very much like the ” How is it with your soul?” group from the United Methodist Church whence I came. I would be interested in being in such a group but probably and too new to lead one.

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