Much Accomplished at Annual Meeting

annual meeting graphicThe agenda was lengthy for an Annual Meeting, but things went surprisingly quickly because there was little discussion on most of the items. “I think that means we did our homework,” Pastor Jeff said.

In addition to approving minutes of the congregational meetings held during the preceding twelve months, the congregation

  • endorsed a resolution repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery that will be voted on at the Disciples of Christ’s General Assembly this summer,
  • adopted the Strategic Plan developed by the Strategic Planning Team,
  • amended the Bylaws to establish a new Ministry of Hospitality and Fellowship Team and focusing (and renaming) the Ministry of Evangelism Team, and
  • elected the full slate of Officers and Ministry Team Chairs presented by the Nominating Committee.

Moderator:  Jim Thomas
Vice Moderator:  Mark McConville
Clerk:  Cathy West
Treasurer:  Beth Rasler
Ministry of Spiritual Life Team chair:  Val Parker
Ministry of Property:  John Hollowell
Ministry of Christian Education Team Chair:  Beth Armstrong
Ministry of Social Concerns:  Judy Zlatnik
Ministry of Hospitality & Fellowship Team chair:  Alison Kieft
Ministry of Evangelism Team chair:  Matt Espinoza 

Auditor: Mike Thompson

Parking Lot Discussion: The one item that evoked some discussion was one that was only advisory. The Cabinet, with the assistance of the Ministry of Property Team, has been looking into both the need for expanding the parking lot and the associated costs. The congregation was divided as to how important expanding the parking lot is and was nowhere near consensus on how such an expansion should be paid for.

At their meeting two weeks later, the Cabinet decided to ask the people who are responsible for locking up the church each Sunday to also look at the parking situation just as worship lets out. The Cabinet hopes to collect six months of data showing for each week how many empty parking spaces there are, if any cars are parked on “squirrel hill” (as the Ministry of Property Team affectionately calls the grassy area at the far west end of the property), and how full the parking along the south side of Niles Blvd. seems to be. They hope that with this data they will have a better idea of the need for expanded parking. In the meantime, if you have a question, idea, or opinion about parking at the church, please contact our new Moderator, Jim Thomas.


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