Preserving a World We Know is Top of Second Saturday Documentary


Actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio interviews world leaders and scientists as he tours the globe in the climate change documentary “Before the Flood,” to be screened at 1:30 pm, April 8, at Niles Discovery Church. The Second Saturday Documentary Series is free and open to the public.

Moving from Florida to Greenland to inundated island nations to the Paris Climate Change Conference, the film was directed by Fisher Stevens for the National Geographic Channel where it first aired last fall.

While there are some low-lying Pacific islands that are no longer habitable because of more frequent king tides and increasingly powerful ocean storm surges, the film also shows us the problems of Miami Beach, Florida, which is experiencing “sunny day flooding.” The ocean rises with little warning, spilling up through storm drains to flood roads and ocean-side properties.

Miami Beach is spending an estimated $500 million on short-term solutions that include raising roads and sidewalks and building powerful pumping stations. The film also discusses long-term solutions to rising temperatures while noting that the window to keep a world that we might recognize in 50 years is closing rapidly.

A discussion will follow the film led by local environmentalist Dr. Richard Godfrey.

The Second Saturday Documentary Series is co-sponsored by Niles Discovery Church and the San Jose Peace & Justice Center.

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