Strategic Planning Team seeks project ideas

Deadline for project ideas:  April 2

A big “Thank You!” to all who participated in our Town Hall Meeting on March 12 to hear all about the Strategic Plan and our two Goals: 1) Start at least two intergenerational, multicultural, hands-on mission and service projects per year; and 2) Encourage the faith journeys of all members and visitors by increasing participation in programs by 10% annually.

Although the Strategic Plan will not be officially adopted until our Annual Congregational Meeting on May 7, we are getting the ball rolling so we can winnow down the number of Goal One projects to a manageable number and be ready to start working on them as soon as the new program year starts in June. Our next Town Hall Meeting, on April 9, will focus on this winnowing process.
Below you’ll find a list of possible projects that have already been brainstormed by members of the congregation. If you have another possibility to add, please do so by emailing the Strategic Planning Team by Monday April 2 at 9 a.m. (see email address below). Projects should be as intergenerational, multicultural, and hands-on as possible, and help us live out our mission: Following the example of Jesus, Niles Discovery Church welcomes all people, grows in our relationship with God and each other, and serves our neighbors near and far.

If we are to implement any of the projects, each one needs a “Champion,” a person (or pair) who will lead a team of people to get the project accomplished. At the next Town Hall Meeting, people who have already identified themselves as project Champions will have the opportunity to give a 30-second promo about their project. This will be followed by time for congregation members to circulate and sign up for the projects they are most passionate about. Projects that do not have Champions or any congregational interest or passion at this point will be eliminated from consideration this year (but may certainly be considered again in the future).

If you want to Champion one of these projects, or one that you will suggest, please let us know by Monday April 2 at 9 a.m.
To suggest projects, volunteer as a Champion, or to ask questions,
please email the Strategic Planning Team ( or Pastor Brenda (

Here is a list of brainstormed projects we know about now.  Add your ideas by April 2!

Potential Goal One Projects:

1.1        Homeless ministry: Shower and laundry facility for homeless persons
1.2        Homeless ministry: Storage unit for furniture & household items need to rehouse homeless person/family
1.3        Join on projects with other spiritual communities
1.4        Backpack distribution center
1.5        Dismantling racism ministry: Black Lives Matter, Showing up for Racial Justice (SURJ) or other racial justice group forum to exchange ideas/information on how our predominantly white church can engage and help
1.6        Human trafficking ministry
1.7        Prison ministry
1.8        Fostering Hope and Change event (promote action instead of talk)
1.9        Training about non-violence and non-violent methods of organizing for change
1.10    Assist a refugee family with resettlement
1.11    Mobile food van – distribute food with Tri-City Volunteers

PLUS, the following brainstormed projects that happen to address both Goal One and Goal Two:

BG.1       Dismantling Racism: Sponsor session of “Meet a Muslim,” or Sikh, or Atheist
BG.2       Butterfly garden
BG.3       Tri-City Area Fair for newcomers
BG.4       Singing program for kids.
BG.5     Autism ministry – (offering accessible worship and fellowship for members and/or community support)

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