A Project In Need Of Support

Was there a time during your school days when you only received one meal and it was hard to concentrate on books? Perhaps you didn’t have books, a table, or a chair to sit on? These kids from Mfangano Island, Kenya have experienced these conditions. Most are orphans who lost their parents due to the HIV/AIDs epidemic on the island and are now living with surviving family.

Since 2012, much progress toward improvement has been made and now there are desks, chairs, and three classrooms. But there is currently a problem keeping teachers. Four of the seven teachers have left due to inadequate salaries. The island is suffering a very intense drought and food costs have increased.  Teachers earn $80 a month—not enough to cover travel and food expenses. They are reaching out for help.

Come learn more about this fascinating community school and island on Lake Victoria and how you can help.  Rich Godfrey will be presenting “St. James Community School – An Orphanage Project in need of Support” on March 19, from noon to 2 p.m. in the Niles Discovery Church Fellowship Hall.  He’ll discuss the objectives of the school,  the services they wish to provide and how you can help.

Please join Richard on March 19 from noon to 2 p.m. to learn more.  Swahili Stew and Tea will be served.

Objectives Of The Institution

  1. Empower the children for sustainable development through education
  2. Increase educational opportunities for vulnerable youth.
  3. Groom the youth for the service of God and community.
  4. Foster local solutions for sustainable development.

Services To Be Provided By
St. James Orphanage School

  • Offer quality education to the needy kids
  • Give clothes and food to the vulnerable kids on Mfangano Island.
  • Arrange Christian camps for pupils
  • Organize exchange programs with youth from other areas
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