Joy Surges At Intergenerational Worship Service

Our first Intergenerational Worship Service filled the sanctuary with great joy as we sang songs from childhood and rediscovered play can be an extraordinary way to worship God. worshipwordle

The story of the Good Samaritan is our focus for the second Intergenerational Worship Service on October 2. While many parts of our worship service will remain as usual, there will be changes. The 2 major changes are there will be a Retelling of the Scripture to fit today’s world and the sermon will be replaced by Worship Stations. Everyone present will be invited to explore the meaning of our “Go And Do Likewise” Good Samaritan and Stewardship Campaign theme through a Worship Station.

 Everyone present can choose to devote 15 minutes to playing an Improv game, creating visual art, composing lyrics, talking about our progressive understandings of the Good Samaritan story, or working on a Help-Our-Neighbor project at a Worship Station.

Parents, please note that Sunday School will only be available to preschoolers, because the whole service will be child friendly. Parents, please make certain your children are in the care of a responsible adult when they are at a Worship Station.

Since this is also World Communion Sunday, it’s a great time to invite your creative friends, neighbors, children and anyone in need of a little more joy and yummy breads!

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