Intergenerational Worship Services Scheduled on September 4 and October 2

Bring the grandchildren, invite friends who enjoy the arts, and anyone who believes we need to help take care of Creation

On Sunday, September 4 and October 2, our congregation will experience a different style of worship designed to include people of all ages and abilities. We will begin and conclude together as usual, but the sanctuary will look different. There will be areas set up for experiencing worship through visual arts, music, discussion and improvisational drama. We will hear the Noah story retold in September and visit with the Good Samaritan in October. Instead of a sermon, we will reflect on the stories from scripture at worship stations. Samantha Rasler, the Liturgical Art Team, Ofer dal Lal and Judy Zlatnik will lead people at the stations.

Be sure to bring a small photo of your pet to be added to one of the Caring for Creation posters.

Sunday School will be provided for preschoolers only. We ask parents to designate an adult or older child to stay with smaller children at worship stations.

Cindy Sojourner is designing these intergenerational worship services. Worship will return to usual order on the other Sundays in September and October. If enough people enjoy this style, we may add an occasional intergenerational worship service in the future.


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