Racists Anonymous Group Starts September 4

Ignore it, it won’t go away.

Sundays, September 4 – November 27  4:00 – 5:00 pm

We are beginning a Racists Anonymous (RA) 12-Step group at Niles Discovery Church because we need to help remove racism from ourselves and society. Pastor Ron Buford, originator of RA, selected Niles Discovery to help launch the second phase of RA:  20 new RA groups.  (Read more – Racists Anonymous Begins)

racisim-it-stops-with-me.jpgPastor Ron Buford helped us name our church and helped the UCC pilot the “God Is Still Speaking” campaign.  He believes we are all a bit racist. To end racism, we need to create time to reflect on how racism impacts our lives in ways that we have or haven’t noticed because of privilege, lack of privilege, isolation, fear, education, housing, family, and societal norms and structures. We need to devote time for reflection on how our racism impacts others. We need God and community to help us heal the harm.

 Please consider joining us for 1 hour a week for 90 days.

 RA is a non-confrontational model in which participants will admit we need the help of community and a higher power to rid ourselves of racism. We will not try to fix each other. Each person who attends will attend to one’s own healing. There will be room to notice how intersectionality, life experiences, media and push models to end systemic racism have impacted our experiences of racism.

Consider the following questions:

  • Do you think racism has or hasn’t had an effect on your life?
  • Do you think there’s nothing, or something more you can do to help?

We will meet in the middle Sunday School room with the round table on Sundays from 4pm to 5pm, September 4 through November 27. You are welcome to join us.

 For more information, contact Cindy Sojourner at cindy@sojournings.org.

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