Strategic Plan Takes Shape

strategic-planningAt a Town Hall Meeting after worship on July 17, the Strategic Planning Team (SPT) shared its work with the congregation. So far, the team has created new mission and values statements and narrowed all the ideas for projects down into two broad goals.


The draft mission statement,

—“Following the example of Jesus, Niles Discovery Church welcomes all people, grows in our relationship with God and each other, and serves our neighbors near and far,”—

and the five values

inclusion, compassion, nurture, stewardship, and open-mindedness—

were well-received by those attending the meeting. There was good discussion around the two goals, including some suggestions for revision that the SPT will consider in its upcoming meeting. To see the goals and the mission and values statements in more detail click here.

The next step is for the SPT to flesh out the strategic plan with strategies and projects to help us meet the goals, and the team would like the congregation’s help with this. As you shop the flea market items in Fellowship Hall this month, check out the two posters on the windows next to the patio. A goal is listed at the top of each poster, and there are pens available for you to write your suggestions for projects and strategies that you think will help us achieve those goals in the next two or three years.

You may also contact SPT Chair John Smith or Pastor Brenda if you have questions or suggestions to offer.

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