Racists Anonymous Begins


Racists Anonymous: Begins With Us Pledging To Rid Ourselves Of Racism

Racism: Ignore It…and it won’t go away. 

Racists Anonymous originator Ron Buford thinks we are all a bit racist. He’s developed a 12 step program designed to help rid the nation and perhaps the world of racism. Our church has been chosen to help launch the second phase of Racists Anonymous. The intention is to build a movement of people who pledge their lives to being mindful of our own racism; being mindful of our powerlessness to rid ourselves of racism without each other; and consciously turning it over to the higher power. Many approaches are needed to end racism. This is not a push approach to end racism like Black Lives Matters, which emphasizes confronting external forces and patterns of racism, which can unfortunately create unintended resentment. The Racists Anonymous 12-Step focuses on our need for internal change. 

We will begin with one group that meets weekly or bimonthly. We will create a safe and confidential place for listening to one another. We will set aside judgments, assumptions and reactions to improve our hearing of the truths and experiences of others and ourselves. Instead of going to judgment and disagreement, we will go to wonder. We will wonder what brought a person to think or act that way. We will not try to fix others. While we use our I statements and focus on healing self with the help of community and the higher power, we will trust that this work will heal us and future generations. Will you pledge to join this movement to rid ourselves and the world of racism? Is there anyone else you know who might join this movement? Please contact Cindy Sojourner at cindy@sojournings.org to help determine date and time preferences for the RA 12-Step and for more information.




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