Free showing: “Citizenfour” at Niles Discovery Church Aug. 13

The Second Saturday Documentary Series will feature Academy Award-nominated “Citizenfour” Saturday, Aug. 13. The 1:30 pm showing is free and open to the public.

Dr. Sharat Lin, president of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, will moderate.

Director Laura Poitras was working on a film about surveillance when Edward Snowden contacted her using the name “Citizenfour” in January 2013. He provided persuasive evidence that the American government was illegally invading the privacy of its citizens. When Snowden explained that he was not going to hide his identity, she convinced him to meet her in person and let her film their encounter.

Much of Snowden’s carefully choreographed release of classified documents  was filmed as it happened in a hotel room in Hong Kong. Poitras and Glenn Greenwald, a reporter for Great Britain’s The Guardian, were selected by Snowden to help him break the news to the world

Snowden, Poitras and Greenwald try to manage a media storm and the real possibility that they will be discovered, while discussing the National Security Administration’s surveillance of private citizens. Three days in a hotel room are captured with intensity, while interviews with US officials provide context.

The Second Saturday Documentary Series is co-sponsored by Niles Discovery Church and the San Jose Peace & Justice Center.

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