Survey brings tweaks to worship service

The Ministry of Spiritual Life asked for feedback about the worship services during Lent and Easter and the feedback is resulting in only minor tweaks to the liturgy.

We will continue to ring a chime to call the community together for worship, sometimes calling us into silence. We will generally use the traditional translation of the Lord’s Prayer, though there may be times that the pastors will pick a different translation because they think it will especially go with the day’s theme. We will continue to have a time of reflection following the sermon, though that time has already been shortened to two minutes.

During Lent, communion was served by intinction and people were offered the opportunity to receive anointing by the pastors. Some people found this additional ritual to be meaningful, so it will be offered whenever there is a fifth Sunday in a month, a Sunday when we typically receive communion by intinction.

The Ministry of Spiritual Life thanks you for your feedback.

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