Church moves forward on solar power system

church_solar_gardenMonths ago, members of the Niles Discovery Church Cabinet agreed that anticipated annual energy savings on power bills (roughly 7% to 9% return on investment) made investing in a solar power system a no brainer. The question was, where would the $65,000 for the system come from.

Spurred on by a bequest of $25,000 from the van Doorn family, the Cabinet pledged $5,000 from the General Memorial Fund and challenged the congregation to raise the remaining $35,000 in direct gifts and one-year pledges. The goal was to raise this amount in one month.

“That was a lofty goal,” Pastor Jeff said, “but even if we didn’t make it, I figured we could make up the difference from reserves.”

Pastor Jeff didn’t have to worry. Gifts and pledges brought the total raised to 102% of the original goal.

“I think that solar is the best investment we could make with our money,” Moderator Sandy Thomas said. “And it is good for the environment.”

“This is a beautiful step for our church,” Pastor Jeff said. “We will be walking our talk about caring for the earth and saving money at the same time.”

Work is set to begin immediately!

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