After baptisms and confirmations, four join church

Four join 2016

The conclusion of the weekend may have been four young women confirming their faith and becoming Participating Members of the congregation, but it was hardly an ending.

“Confirmation is much more a turning point than an ending,” Pastor Jeff explained in his sermon on Pentecost, May 15. “Confirmation marks a shift of responsibility – from parents to child – for the spiritual journey.”

“I have yet to meet someone who had grown close enough to God to be able to say that the journey was complete,” he said. “So by confirming their faith, these young people are choosing the label ‘Christian’ and the responsibility to figure out how to actually be a Christian.”

The weekend began with a service of baptism and renewal of baptism on Saturday morning. Early that morning, Sandy Thomas, Mark Twist, and Pastor Jeff set-up the new baptistry  that had arrived only five days earlier. At the brief but meaningful service, Maddisen Wagner was baptized and Grady Mahusay, Megan Keesis, and Maddie Monkman renewed their baptisms.

During the regular worship service on Sunday, the four confirmed their faith and received the church’s blessing through the laying on of hands. They also united with the church as Participating Members. The service concluded with the four serving communion to the congregation.

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