Volunteers needed to keep ministries going

Since Niles Congregational Church became a co-sponsor of the Second Saturday Documentary Series (SSDS) and began housing the monthly screenings, much of the work has been done by Pastor Jeff. Especially with a sabbatical coming this fall, Niles Discovery Church needs volunteers to take on some of the tasks to keep this outreach ministry going. Pastor Jeff will provide training for each of these volunteer jobs; please contact him if you are interested in filling any of them.

Projectionists: These people are responsible for setting up, running, and turning off the AV system on screening days.

Hosts: These people set up the sign-in table, welcome the audience, promote the next month’s film, handle donations, and introduce the discussion leaders.

Mailing List: This person is responsible for adding new names and email addresses to the mailing list, a task performed in the week following the screening.

Publicity: These people work on crafting press releases and email blasts to promote each month’s screening.

Other volunteer spots open

In addition to the volunteer jobs that are available to keep the SSDS going, there are two additional volunteer jobs available.

Social Media Ministry: If you enjoy using Facebook and Twitter, you can help boost our congregation’s web presence. Currently, Pastor Jeff does all our church’s social media and he’d love to hand that job off to someone (or a couple someones who will coordinate the work). Pastor Jeff can teach you some of the finer points and provide plenty of resources to help you with this job. Just let him know if you would like to help.

News Blogger: If you have any experience with blogging, this is really a simple task. It’s just a little time consuming. You will need to take newsletter articles and post them on our news blog. Let Pastor Jeff know if you would like to learn more about this volunteer job.

Connectors: Currently, Pastor Brenda is doing all the follow-up with people who worship with us for the first time, helping them connect with the church more deeply. She would love to share this work with others, especially during Pastor Jeff’s sabbatical. If you would like to learn more about this ministry, contact her.

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