Women’s Fellowship News – December 2015

Evening Women’s Fellowship

The November meeting of the Evening Women’s Fellowship was held at Dorletta Larsen’s home. The study was “Jephthah’s Daughter” and was written by the Rev .Dr. Irie L. Session. We were directed to find justice but with our 21st century background, it was difficult to find the life-giving justice in this story. Some of the harsh treatments were compared to modern day human trafficking.

We have the Women’s Christmas Tea in December instead of study group. All ladies are invited.

The January 13, 2016, meeting will be at the home of Sandi Reeder, 35719 Scarborough Drive, Newark, 791-2152 at 7:00 p.m. The study will be “Tamar, David’s Daughter,” and the scripture is 2 Samuel 13:1-22. This lesson provides a glimpse into the internal devastation experienced by victims of sexual violence and exploitation. It challenges us to call out for justice. All women are invited.


Lap Robe Tying Group:

The lap robe tying group last met on October 28. 6 present and tied 6 lap robes were tied. This group meets the fourth Wednesday of the month, January to October (there are no meetings during November and December). Sandi Reeder took 18 lap robes to the Veteran’s Hospice in Palo Alto. Jean Kneisler took 16 lap robes to Life Eldercare Peer counselors. If you know someone who would like one of the lap robes or a group that could use several lap robes, let Alison Kieft, Judy Molander, or Dorletta Larsen know. There is no charge for the lap robes.

All ladies are invited to the next gathering of the lap robe tying group on January 27, 10:00-2:00, in the Fellowship Hall at church, but let Dorletta know if you plan to attend as lunch is provided.


Daytime Women’s Fellowship

Nine lovely ladies attended the November Daytime Women’s Fellowship. Our Bible study for the day was Psalm 126, and there was a wonderful discussion on being thankful. Our December 21 meeting (at noon, as usual) will be a potluck – everyone is welcome (men, too)!

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