Pledge Campaign – Letter from our Treasurer

October 28, 2015

Dear members and friends of Niles Discovery Church,

You should have received a letter from Moderator Cathy West last week about this year’s pledge campaign. The purpose of this letter is to give you some information about giving patterns and methods in our church.

Pledge Data: Last fall, we received 56 pledges of financial support in 2015. The smallest pledge was $25 and the largest was $13,800. The median pledge (half the pledges were below this amount and half were above) was $2400, and the average pledge was $3206.

Pastor Jeff stresses that the amount of the pledge is not what is important – at least from a spiritual point of view. The spiritual importance of your pledge rests in things like how your financial commitment to our church encourages your commitment to your spiritual journey. In other words, does your pledge help you welcome, grow, and serve?

Payment Methods: Some people fulfill their pledge by writing a check each week, bringing it to church, and placing it in the offering plate. Some people do online banking and have their back or credit union send a check to the church on a weekly or monthly or quarterly basis. Some people pay their pledge online via the “Donate” button on the church’s website.

Sometimes, some people donate appreciated stock or mutual fund shares. The advantage here is that church receives the market value of the stock or mutual funds, but you don’t pay any capital gains tax. If you are interested in doing this, please contact me, (in my capacity as the church’s treasurer).

Planned Giving: People are encouraged to make a pledge based on their anticipated annual income. When you’re thinking about your pledge, you might also like to look at your net worth and your estate planning. Have you included the church in your will or trust? If you would like to learn more about planned giving, please contact Pastor Jeff.

What’s Next: Some time after November 5, you should receive one last letter about the pledge campaign. This one will be from Pastor Jeff and will include a pledge form. We hope that you will prayerfully consider how much money you will pledge to support our ministry of welcoming, growing, and serving in Christ’s name during 2016. Then bring that pledge to worship on Sunday, November 15, and stick around for coffee hour (where there will be door prizes)!


Beth Rasler, Treasurer

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