Pledge Campaign – Letter from our Senior Pastor

November 5, 2015

Dear members and friends of Niles Discovery Church,

This year’s pledge campaign theme is the same as last year:

welcome. grow. serve.

We picked that theme because it really is our sense of mission and purpose as a church distilled to three words. We are here to express God’s extravagant welcome and love. We are here to support one another on the faith journey as we grow in relationship to God and grow in our discipleship. And we are here to serve our neighbors, near and far.

That’s what we say we are about. And it is your pledges of financial support that make it possible to fulfill that mission. That’s why I’m asking you to bring your pledge to worship on Sunday, November 15. A form is enclosed.

But before you fill out that form, you might want to know about how we’re doing as a church to fulfill that mission. Here is some information that might give you a sense of how we’re doing.

  • We have had several deaths in the life of our church over the past year, yet our official membership has remained steady.
  • Just about every week, we have someone worshiping with us for the first time, and the number of visitors who return to worship again is high.
  • Based on a review of the list of people who worshiped at least five times in the past year, the Pastor Parish Relations Committee thinks that about 41% are active in the full life of the church – worshiping regularly, supporting financially, and participating in a small group. (That’s an impressively high percentage; last year it was only 29%.)
  • Support for our outreach is important to our congregation, with people giving over $14,000 for our monthly special offerings during the past year.
  • The Pastor Parish Relations Committee has identified 34 community organizations that benefit from the leadership and hard work of our people. These people were, in turn, spiritually nurtured by our congregation for this work.
  • Our online presence continues to touch lives through our Facebook fan page and group page, our website, our news blog, and our email lists (950+ people get our emails about the Second Saturday Documentary Series each month – that’s seven times as many people as our official church membership).
  • We continue to take ministry risks, often with great success – like the new Tri-City Youth Chorus, which already has over 20 singers in it.

In other words, I think we’re doing a great job of fulfilling our mission.

The simple fact of the matter is that to continue to fulfill our mission, we need your financial support. When you make a pledge, you make it possible for our Cabinet to create a budget, a spending plan for how we’re going to fulfill that mission in the coming year. Ideally, your pledge will also reflect how important fulfilling our mission is to you. So, I hope you will bring your pledge with you to worship on Sunday, November 15, and stay for a fun coffee hour, complete with door prizes. You can download a pledge for here.

If you can’t be with us on November 15, I hope you will mail your pledge to the church or go to our website and make your pledge online before November 15 so we can dedicate it with the other pledges we will receive that day.

And may God bless our efforts to welcome all God’s children, to grow together in our discipleship, and to serve our neighbors, near and far.


The Rev. Jeffrey Spencer
Senior Pastor and Teacher

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