Pledge Campaign – Letter from our Moderator

October 19, 2015

Dear Niles Discovery Church members and friends,

With the change from summer to fall, we transition toward a season that takes us to a time of thankfulness and appreciation. We have already completed our transition to our new church home and are now able to realize our vision of expanding our outreach programs.

At this time in our church we are looking for new ways to welcome visitors and new members and to also extend a welcome to those in our community who wish to use our beautiful new church expand their mission and presence.

As a church, we are always seeking new ways to grow and serve. We all work hard to serve the community around us, both locally and in the wider world. Sometimes we serve with our time and skills, not only to our own church but to the many organizations in our community. We always remind ourselves that the generosity we share with our community and the world through our church, is a direct result of the generosity that is shared with our church by us, its members and friends.

In this season of thoughtfulness and thankfulness it is time to consider our support for Niles Discovery Church. In the next few weeks you will be hearing more about the mission of our congregation and you will be given the opportunity to think about ways that you can enable that ministry to grow, changing more lives, even as you are able to grow your own faith.

I encourage you to come to worship to hear some thoughts about what these ideas mean to us. Whatever you are able to do – from your presence at worship to the contributions of your time and talent in our many ministries – will mean so much to the growth of our church.

Pledge Sunday is November 15. I hope that you can be with us to share this special day at Niles Discovery Church.

Blessings on you,

Cathy West Jancoski

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