New office phone system causes confusion; hits snags

A new phone system was installed in the church office as part of improving technology while decreasing costs. This change has caused some confusion and has hit some snags along the way.

The church’s phone number hasn’t changed.

“When you call the church, you’re supposed to be greeted by a message that directs you to difference extensions,” Pastor Jeff explained. “We now have three extensions and four voicemail boxes, which may be causing part of the confusion. Extension 1 rings at the front desk, so if Randy or Cecilia are here, they will answer it. But if it goes to voicemail, that voicemail is for Randy. Extension 2 rings at my desk and is my voicemail. Extension 3 rings on Pastor Brenda’s desk and is her voicemail. Extension 4 doesn’t ring anywhere; it is simply a voicemail for Cecilia.”

Pastor Jeff said he used the phrase “supposed to” because there have been a few times that the system has been down. “We’re learning what to do when we can’t place outgoing calls,” he said. “Hopefully we haven’t missed too many incoming calls when the system wasn’t working.”

There is the potential for five additional “extensions,” extensions 5 through 9. Right now, two of these are being used for information about the church’s location and the church’s identity. People are not able to leave messages at these “extensions.”

If you phone the church and experience a problem, please send Pastor Jeff an email with the date and time of the call and a description of the problem you encountered.

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