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Pastor Jeff

Pastor Jeff

Sometimes life flows along and everything clicks. Like a fine Swiss watch, each gear meshes with the next and things move forward in an orderly manner. Sometimes the watch is a knock-off and a gear is missing a cog or two and isn’t quite the right size. Things don’t line up and things slip.

The calendar of the life of our congregation and the calendar of the liturgical year are just not quite lining up – at least that’s how it seems to me.

We left 255 H Street at the end of December, just as the season of Epiphany was about to start. The liturgical year was celebrating the coming of the light and we were learning to walk in the dark. By the time you read this column, we will be ten days or so into Lent, a season when the liturgical year invites us to focus on the renewing of our spiritual soil, preparing ourselves for new seeds to be planted. Meanwhile, like daffodils bursting forth in full bloom, our congregation is moving into our new church home. Things just aren’t quite lining up.

Maybe there’s a Lenten lesson in all this for me. Maybe I’m being taught to let go of expectation, to not be so controlling, to allow the Spirit more flexibility in my life.

Sometime this month, we’re going to move into our church home, the one that a core team has been working really hard to create for us. And when I say, “really hard,” I mean really hard! I’ve run into Mark and Matt doing work onsite day after day over the past couple weeks. Alta Jo has been on site and at stores getting furniture lined up for purchase and delivery. I keep hearing about Marilyn showing up and getting handed a broom or a paintbrush (and it’s been like that since ground breaking). And I keep running into Bill and Steve in the church office trailer wrestling with paperwork. I’ve seen the Ministry of Property Team taking on one project or another on Saturdays – the Ministry of Property Team and we haven’t moved in yet. And those are just the people who I have run into personally in February. I know there are others who have been putting in sweat equity that I don’t know about.

The building is going to be great. And there are going to be a few disappointment. I’ve already had a couple “well, darn! I wish I had thought of that during the designing phase” moments. You’ll probably have a couple once we’ve moved in, too. But every time I walk into the sanctuary – every time – I am filled with a sense of awe and I am so looking forward to our church gathering in that space to pray and to praise, to sing and to share the sacrament of communion.

All of you are making this possible and I am so proud of you and thankful for you.

Pastor Jeff

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