Volunteerism is saving the church thousands

When Niles Discovery Church moved out of 255 H Street, there were many boxes to pack and move. The Ministry of Property Team decided to hire movers, but it was volunteers who stepped forward to do the packing. Team member Bill Palleschi figures the volunteers saved the church over $1600.

Volunteers prepare wood for the sanctuary.

Volunteers prepare wood for the sanctuary.

Volunteers have sanded hundreds of feet of wood to prepare it for the painters to it could be installed in the sanctuary ceiling at 36600 Niles Blvd. Mark Twist and his son Steven install acoustical panels in the fellowship hall ceiling. Crews of volunteers ran wiring and cables for our internet, AV, fire alarm, and security systems. This volunteer labor saved the church over $10,000, and perhaps well over $10,000.

And then there are the people who show up to help make sure work is running smoothly. For instance, on moving day, Pastor Jeff, Beth Armstrong, John Hollowell, Melissa Palleschi, and Bill Palleschi all helped make sure the move out ran smoothly. You will often find Marilyn Singer working on ways to repurpose things or just sweeping up the work site.

“It takes many volunteers to make worship happen each week, and that’s as it should be,” Pastor Jeff said. “The word ‘liturgy’ means ‘the work of the people.’ But this, this shows how important volunteers are each day of the week.”

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