Donation collections continue

The Ministry of Social Concerns in continuing to collect clothing and food for Tri-City Volunteers, and cans and bottles to support Josue Isaac Orellanas.

Donations of food and clothing can be made on Sunday mornings by placing them in a big, red ball bin as you enter the upstairs of the Macau Cultural Center. When you shop, get a can or a bag of non-perishable food to bring to church for Tri-City Volunteers to distribute. Just a can of hearty soup will feed a hungry person!

Josue Isaac OrellanDonations of used aluminum cans and plastic bottles (CA CRV only) will be collected on Sunday mornings. These items are sold to a recycler and the money supports a child in El Salvador. Through this process, we provide a quality education and meaningful life (free of abject poverty, crime and gang violence) for Josue Isaac Orellanas, a 6th grade boy living in rural El Salvador, Central America.

You keep this ministry going when you bring your cans and bottles to worship service on Sundays (see Rich Gallegos or Judy Zlatnik) — or you can call Rich Gallegos for pick-up at 510-861-4847.

In the words of President John F. Kennedy, “… the Lord’s work on Earth must truly be our own …”

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